Warhammer and other miniature hobbies

OExplore our extensive range, including the popular Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer: 40,000, and get immersed in the world of fantasy and science fiction.

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A world of miniatures and games

Mishra's Playground is your destination for all things miniature gaming. Whether you are a fan of Warhammer, Star Wars Legion, or A Song of Ice and Fire, we have it all. Our shop in Halle is a treasure trove full of accessories and essentials for any miniature lover.

Creativity and fun

At Mishra's Playground, fun and creativity go hand in hand. That's why we organise regular painting evenings where you join other enthusiasts in bringing figures to life. These fun gatherings, announced through our Facebook page, provide the perfect opportunity to develop your painting skills and become part of our creative community.

Extensive collection

Besides our impressive range of games, we also offer the space to bring your adventures to life. With tables ready for your sceneries, which you can use for free in our shop, Mishra's Playground is the ideal place to play out your strategies and stories.

Discover and learn with our demos

Curious about miniature games or want to refine your painting techniques? Book a demo with us. During our demonstrations, we provide all materials, so you don't need to bring anything. It is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating world of miniature games and learn new techniques from experienced hobbyists.

Become part of the adventure

Experience the magic of miniature gaming at Mishra's Playground in Halle. Explore our offerings, join our events, or book a demo to take your skills to the next level. Contact us for more information or drop by and immerse yourself in the world of miniature hobbies. Mishra's Playground is waiting for you!